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October 2022

Draft Travel Demand Modeling Report Downloadable PDF File

This document outlines the steps taken for project’s travel demand model forecasting and presents the 2019 base year and projections for 2050 for no-build conditions.

June 2022

Original-Destination Study Report Downloadable PDF File


The Origin-Destination Study identifies and quantifies the origin, destination, and amount of observed travel for trips using the Seward and Glenn Highways in the study area at a representative time period (Pre-covid conditions in fall 2019) based on mobile device location data.
May 2022 DRAFT Purpose and Need Statement Downloadable PDF File Presents a draft purpose and need statement for review. The “purpose” states why the project is being proposed and articulates the positive outcomes that are intended. The “need” describes the key problems to be addressed and explains the underlying causes of those problems.
May 2022 DRAFT System Performance Memorandum Downloadable PDF File
Summarizes the existing and desired transportation conditions of the study area. Existing and future transportation performance conditions were identified for automobiles, freight, public transportation, walking, and bicycling.
May 2022 DRAFT Recommended Alternative Selection Criteria Memorandum Downloadable PDF File Describes the alternative evaluation screening process and criteria that will be used to evaluate alternatives.
May 2022 Step 2 Problems to be Solved: Comments and Responses Downloadable PDF File Presents public and agency comments on the first major round of outreach including:  (1) problems to be solved; (2) ideas for improvements (3) Other suggestions to the project team.
April 2022 Communication Plan Downloadable PDF File Provides an overview of the study outreach methods and activities, including the Environmental Justice plan.
March 2022 Final Traffic Forecast Technical Memorandum Downloadable PDF File Provides a historical trend analysis to forecast 2050 traffic on the Seward and Glenn corridor in the study area based on Alaska Department of Labor * Workforce Development population projections.
March 2022 Final A Basic Description of the Environmental Setting Report Downloadable PDF File Provides a description of the environmental setting including the existing social, economic, and environmental setting for the study area.

August 2021

Travel Demand Modeling Methodology Memorandum Downloadable PDF File

Provides the methodology outlining how the travel demand modeling will be accomplished for the study.

August 2021

Origin-Destination Study Methodology Memorandum Downloadable PDF File Provides the methodology for an origin-destination study of travelers using the Seward and Glenn Highways in the study area.

January 2022

Project Schedule Downloadable PDF File Current project schedule.

June 2021

Study Area Map Web Link Study Area Map.

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